We are currently in the middle of the worst pandemic of   over 100 years.  In the acute phase of the epidemic we are primarily focused on the prevention and treatment of the primary disorder.  We are struggling with an urgent need for care and supplies.

There is an underlying epidemic (CV19SD) that is also building up and it could be a tsunami, the effects on stress related to CoVid 19 Pandemic.

This will occur in 2 phases.

Phase one is Sympathetic Overload (SO)  This was well described by Hans Selye in his epic book “The Stress of Life”  This is where  chronic stress was first described as causing disease

Sympathetic response is often called the “Fight or Flight Reflex”  This is a survival of the Individual Reflex.  It prepares us for immediate action to preserve our life.

Abraham Maslow  described the Hiearchy of Needs and as a population we have dropped to the bottom of that pyramid.  This is an acute stress period.

Long-term Stress  or Chronic Stress is  very different than Acute Stress.  The Acute Stress leads to taking action, in this case supply for Basic Needs which explains hoarding and the lines found at the stores.

While Sympathetic Overload (SO) in acute stress is powerful it has a function.  When it continues past the point of action it becomes chronic stress which causes diseases such as anxiety, depression and related chronic pain.  Worst case scenarios it leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders or PTSD.  I expect that the psychological community will see a huge rise in a wide variety of stress related disorders especially somatic disorders related to stress.

While there are many treatments for stress disorders most have a wide variety negative side effects.  Hypertension or high blood pressure also increases with chronic stress as well.

The utilization of Self-Administered SphenoPalatine Ganglion Blocks is ideal for treating these disorders.  They are extremely cost effective compared to physician administered SPG Blocks.  Because they are Self-Administered they can be done with exposing ourselves to repeated visits to physicians.

They are also extremely cost effective compared to other treatments for Anxiety, PTSD and Depression and have added benefits of treating headaches , migraines and many cases of Essential Hypertension.  They only utilize 2% Lidocaine and inexpensive Cotton-Tipped Catheters (CTC)