The Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block is best known for it’s amazing effects on treating chronic pain anywhere in the body but especially its use for headaches, migraines, orofacial pain and cluster headaches.

The positive side effects of SPG Blocks include reduction of anxiety and depression. SPG Blocks are also used to treat PTSD and to assist in withdrawal symptoms from medications.

There are many methods of administration but self administration with nasal catheters puts the patient in control of treating and preventing both pain and anxiety. This is very empowering to most patients who often refer to SPG blocks as the Miracle Block!

Dr Shapira has taught this procedure to Physicians and Dentists in the
US and Internationally, most recently at an ICCMO meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A new paper by Dr Shapira will be published in Cranio Journal in the May 2019 issue.

He frequently has patients come in just to learn how to self administer SPG Blocks. Typically patients leave with supplies to do up to 100 SPG Blocks at home. Once they have learned the technique they can turn off pain and depression as well as pain on their schedule without emergency room visits.

This video is a patient who came in to use SPG Blocks to treat and prevent her migraines but almost immediately felt her lifetime anxiety disappear.  Anxiety was not discussed prior to the block which was being done to prevent and/or relieve migraine.

Dr Shapira treats Chicago metropolitan area patients including Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, Elgin and north shore suburbs.

There is no specialty in Craniofacial Pain, Orofacial Pain or TMJ but if there was the specialists would utilize this valuable technique.

Regardless of the underlying anatomy the Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block is a valuable adjunct to treatment and can cure sympathetically maintained pain that the original cause has been eliminated acting as a reset butto. It is essential that patients be given the ability to self administer these easy and safe blocks.