Christina asks:
Tell us about your headaches…: They happen randomly varying throughout different areas in my head. Most of the time they come on quickly n for no obvious reason. I could just be laying in bed doing nothing or I’ve had them come on real strong while I was talking or laughing then quit as soon as I quit talking etc. Some time I will just keep getting then lasting through out a day coming on all over my head like little flashes but painful and only lasting a couple second long and when they hit in the back its like two spots at one in the left and the right and I can touch the back of my head and it seems that the exterior part of where the headache is located hurts also and then some times they could last up to 20-30 minutes. I Do not drink caffeine but rarely. I do smoke cigarettes but when I quit for 18 days they remained unchanged. I did notice that my blood pressure is very low lately(79over59) as to where it is normally right at average with pulse being high. I’ve tried to watch my hydration to see if that help and it does a little some times but not only known health concern is that I have untreated hep C.. Just in case knowing that might be important.

Dr Shapira Reply:
Dear Christina,

What you describe is not a typical presentation. Because talking increases pain and stopping helps I would probably start with a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic but only after doing a trial Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block. The SPG block can be used as preventive for autonomic pain conditions. A thorough muscle palpation examination will reveal if there is a significant myofascial component. I routinely eliminate pain during the consultation appointment. This makes understanding the problem easier when we can turn the pain off and on and identify the source.

I suggest you get the book “Miracles on Park Avenue” and read about the technique.

Please visit my website to learn more. I also have a YouTbe Channel where patients discuss their treatment.

I will be happy to see you if you want to travel to the Chicago Area.


Chair, Alliance of TMD Organizations