Hans Selye changed the face of medicine with his 1950 book “THE STRESS OF LIFE”. He introduced the concept of stress as an underlying cause complicating factor in a wide variety of disease and dysfunction.

Living in Chronic Stress can often end up meaning living in chronic pain.

What is the effect of chronic stress? Our bodies are designed to cope with acute stress, it is called the “Fight or Flight Reflex” when we encounter a dangerous situation such as running into a grizzly bear our autonomic system jumps in toget us ready to either fight to the death or run like hell. This is completely different than the thoughts that are going through our heads. This is part of a biological imperative for survival. The Sympathetic component of our autonomic nervous system kicks into high gear send blood to our arms and legs and brain, ie the five limbs and shutting down our core , our GI system, reproductive organs etc that are not needed for survival. This is the parasympathetic system.
When we deal with chronic stress the same autonomic system kicks in but there is no immediate action and we end up in sympathetic overload and adrenal fatigue.

I call this the “Fight or Flight Syndrome” and it is the root of many problems from chronic anxiety, depression, fatigue and obsessive compulsive disorders.

This is what Dr Selye explained in “The Stress of Life”

The Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block or Pterygopalatine Ganglion block reverses this cascade and allows us to move from sympathetic overload into primarily a parasympathetic state. This is the state orf warmth, friendship, sexual thoughts and responses, reduced anxiety and increased feelings of well being. It is the feeling of being satiated after a great meal with friends. It is how puppies, kittens and new born babies make us feel as we coo senslessly at them. It is the opposite of chronic stress or sympathetic overload. These are parasympathetic responses.

The reason why Spenopalatine Ganglion Blocks are so effective is they reset our autonomic nervous system, in essence rebooting the brain. The Spenopalatine Ganglion is actually a part of the brain located in the pterygopalatine fossa rather than in the cranial vault making it easily accessible for treatment.

The effect of the SPG Block is similar to Beta Blockers like propanolol that are used to treat migraines and phobias and SPG Blocks can duplicate this action.

SPG blocks decrease anxiety and depression as well as high blood pressure.

These are the amazing blocks that were discussed in the best selling book “Miracles on Park Avenue”
There are also “Miracles in Highland Park” as these videos shows.