Learn To Self Administer SphenoPalatine Ganglion (SPG) Blocks: Referral for SPG Blocks from your Doctor

SPG Blocks were featured in the book “Miracles on Park Avenue” but it is often difficult to find doctors who utilize these blocks. It is even more difficult to find doctors who teach patients to Self-Administer these blocks. There is a link below to SPG Block referral forms

See Videos of patient stories at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9Bfz6pklC7_UluWFHzLrg

Self administration is typically done with cotton-tipped nasal catheters and 2% lidocaine. The cost of self administration after initial visit is less than $1.00 per bilateral administration. The real savings are decreased drug use and associated side effects, less physician visits saving driving and waiting time, decreasing or eliminating visits to the ER. Increases in quality of life, interpersonal relations etc.

In addition to relieving pain resetting the autonomic nervous system to turn off sympathetic overload which can help turn off anxiety, PTSD, depression and panic attacks.

Patients frequently come to my office to learn this technique. If you have a referral from your physician there is a better chance of being reimbursed by your insurance company.

Patients can learn the procedure in a single visit and we frequently see long distance patients who come in just to learn Self-Administration of the amazing block.

Referral information can be found at: https://thinkbetterlife.com/referrals/

I have been teaching physicians and dentists to do this procedure for many years.

The SPG Block is amazing as a stand alone procedure but we routinely utilize it as a part of neuromuscular treatment protocol designed to correct balance and homeostasis to the craniomandibular-cervical complex and to control the trigeminal nervous system where all headaches and migraines originate.

The referral for also has referral information for Diagnostic Neuromuscular Orthotic, Neuromuscular Dentistry, Trigger Point Injections, Occipital Nerve Blocks, ULF-TENS and many other treatments.

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  1. Donna Luebbert

    My neurologist wants to do sbg blocks for six weeks for 8k dollars. I have been researching and it seems I could do it myself maybe. Can you help me. Is it more effective done by them. They use provacaine and a syringe with a catheter on it. I wake up with a sinus headache in the morning for last year. Dr thinks my sinus nerves are inflamed.

    1. Post

      I teach self administration for a small fraction of the cost. At the end of the appointment I send patients whome wiith supplies for up to 100 bilateral blocks. I typically prefer to utilize the cotton tipped catheters but will teach some patients how to utilize the Sphenocath device. While it is a single use in the physicians office iit can be reused by a patient at home. This video is a patient who was originially taught to use sphenocath but as her treatment has progressed she can now do the more convenient/ effective cotton tipped catheter. If you wake with pain you do a block in the AM. Noo visit to physician office or ER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sY9CmJ3ZEA&t=8s

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  2. G. Hayes

    Is there anyone near Northern New Jersey where I can learn how to self administer SPG blocks and how do I get the supplies? I suffer with chronic migraines and nothing seems to help.

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  3. Brenda Craig

    I had three SPG block procedures performed on me at my imaging center in Minneapolis. After the third treatment, which were spaced two weeks apart, I felt great relief from my headaches and slept so much better. It has now been almost two months and I feel like the block is wearing off. As the procedures are pricey to have done by the radiologist, I am would like to learn how to self-administer. Do you know of any doctors in Minnesota that teach this method? In light of our current CO-VID 19 pandemic, is it even likely that they would do these procedures at this time? I wish there was a way you could teach self-administration via virtual means!

    1. Post

      Dear Brenda Craig
      I am not aware of anyone teaching Self-Administration of SPG Blocks in Minnesota. I have had several patients from a cross the midwest come in to learn procedure. It should be universally taught but unfortunately is not. Low risk procedure so I am still doing this procedure during covid 19 pandemic.

  4. Kristal

    I live in Indiana , after a year of pain in an area they couldn’t see on a scan I was sent to the poly clinic , A dr there started injections in random places to find the source of the pain , she did this block , it took my pain completely away but only for 3 days…best three days in a year I’ve had…..I go back next week ….is there anyone in Indiana that teaches how to do this at home , what do you suggest?

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  5. Kristal

    I just watched the video, yes it took almost a year just to get someone to take this pain seriously , I have a 2 week follow up this coming week from the block I had done, unfortunately it only took the pain away 3 days , in your opinion is this normal ? It was my first block …..could I have your office phone number or email ? I may be coming your way soon to do this if I have to

    1. Ira L Shapira DDS

      The effects are additive over time and each patient is unique. I have most patients initially self-administer twice daily for several days than cut to once daily. Over time 2 x a week to 2 x a month are common. Again each patient is unique.
      Contact my office thru http://www.ThinkBetterLife.com.

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