SPG Block Relieves Severe back and leg pain almost instantaneously

SPG Ganglion Block offers almost immediate relief of long term pain. “This amazing thing after one minute, I don’t know, it’s like a magic! I don’t have pain anymore!” “I have not felt this good in a decade” Stimulator was on all evening and I still had pain with the stimulator” Now I don’t need stimulator”
Ogen, is a disabled Israeli with multiple injuries while in the service including a 2 story fall onto a wooden spike the went through his back. He has been through multiple back surgeries and does not feel his legs below his knees.
He has an implanted neurostimulator and has been in pain since 2003. After his service in 2003 he was near a bus when a suicide bomber crashed into the bus with a car loaded with explosives. Ogen, a former paramedic rushed into the bus to save the passengers and administered aid to 15 victims of the bombing. (17 innocent lives were lost) While he was rescuing one passenger there was a second explosion that caused him severe injury.
Ogen is currently in the US to be fitted with a Special splint to decrease his pain and allow him to walk better and even run.

Ogen works in Israel with the Hero to Hero program that brings injured US Veterans to Israel to help them reintegrate into civilian life and overcome transition problems. This has been very effective because there is an almost universal understanding in Israel where everyone has been touched multiple times by war and terrorism. In the US the Vets often feel disconnected. Ogen is meeting with many of these American Heroes on his trip.

Ogen was a guest for two weeks at Dr Shapira’s and his wife Anna’s house in June of 2014 and is visiting and staying with his new Chicago family on his way to Seattle to be fit with this new brace.

Dr Shapira and his wife Anna are Directors of the American Friends of Israel War Disabled Foundation (AFIWDF) http://www.afiwdf.org/ This video was taken after a fund raiser for the Dror Foundation that supports Israeli veterans. Ogen is the Soldier in the Spotlight this month Visit the Dror Foundation Website http://drorfoundation.org/


Ogen has been injured three times throughout his army service. His first injury was the most severe of the three. He was injured during a training accident in 1997. He and his fellow soldiers were standing on a ledge outside a building. The ledge collapsed under them and they fell two stories. Ogen fell onto a wooden spike that went through his back. He was taken into surgery and was in a wheelchair for a year, followed by crutches for six months. Since then, he has suffered from two more injuries. Firstly, shrapnel in his face after stepping on a booby trap in Jenin, and secondly, burns from the suicide bomb at Megiddo Junction.

Almost 20 years after his first injury, Ogen suffers on a daily basis- there are some days he can’t get out of bed because of the pain. He also developed foot drop and other issues as a result of this injury. He has a slipped disk, and has implants and devices that were placed in his back to alleviate the pain, nerve damage etc.

Ogen uses a brace at the moment, but still requires a cane to help him walk. The brace is not flexible enough for him and he still cannot walk freely. IDEO has another brace to help Ogen. The brace has anti-shock technology meaning that when he takes a step, it won’t be absorbed onto the spine and the problematic nerves.

Ogen’s dream is to be able to run a 5-10k marathon. With this brace, he will be able to run again. To him it will be a complete game changer, and will improve his life dramatically.SPG Block Relieves Severe back and leg pain almost instantaneously

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